College Application Strategy
Making a game plan for which colleges you will apply to will help you stay organized and on track to meet the deadlines. Here are some things to think about to make your own application strategy:

Decide on how many you will apply to.
As a general rule of thumb ...

Apply to 2-3 schools if you’re looking to get a technical certificate, AAS degree or associate degree

Apply to 3-7 schools if you’re looking to get a bachelor’s degree

Always apply to more than one school! Even though you may have one “dream school” in mind, it is important to consider other backups in case you don’t get in or unexpected situations come up with your financial aid or application.

Pick your reach and safety schools.

SAFETY SCHOOLS are colleges where you will most likely be admitted. These are some of the ways to pick your safety school:

It has universal admission, meaning that it accepts every applicant. (Examples of this are community colleges and TCATs.)

It has guaranteed admission for students with minimum ACT scores and/or GPA.

Based on your personal grades and test scores, you have average or above average qualifications for this school.

REACH SCHOOLS are colleges where your admittance is uncertain because:

Your test scores and GPA are lower than the average incoming student.

Some colleges accept only a small portion of applicants.

Get organized.
Once you’ve determined your safety and reach schools, you should:

Reach out to the admissions office at each school to ask questions about the application process, receive more information about the school, and schedule a campus tour.

Note important application deadlines.

Add all schools to your FAFSA.

Research scholarship opportunities and applications.