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Across the city of Nashville, young people are taking the steps necessary to prepare for college. While there is no one-size-fits-all path to the next level, there are resources, counselors, and even fellow students who can help guide your college experience and help you make the right decision for your future. Below, you’ll hear from other students and their parents about their path to college and some of the challenges that have come their way.

Cameron has always had a passion for people and helping them, but from a young age never thought that college was the right fit for him. He always wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps of being a firefighter. But, thanks to various people who have been in his corner from day one, Cameron was able to make the most of his passion for others by studying for a degree in health sciences. With that, he will (hopefully) make the move to nursing school and continue to grow as a professional and, most importantly, as a person.

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Dulce is a first-generation college student. She has a passion for helping others that is spurred on by her caring, close-knit family. But her family did not always want her to go to college, believing it to be a waste of time that could potentially endanger her status as a DACA-eligible immigrant. However, thanks to the learning experiences that college can bring (like failing a class) and finding a community of students within her school who are also first-generation college students, Dulce has been able to thrive. Her dedication and belief in herself have helped her achieve an internship in Congress, and also completely changed her family’s opinion on college and the value it can bring their family.

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For Courtney, there was never an option for her to not attend college. Her parents preached the importance of college to her from the beginning of her academic career, and in turn took steps to make sure she was prepared for the jump. However, there was no anticipating how Courtney would find her voice in college and blossom as a person when she was introduced to a new world of opportunities and opinions. Watch the video to find out more!

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Dana, Regan’s mother, always knew that Regan was a bright, passionate young person who could benefit greatly from the nurturing college environment. Having attended Fisk University herself, Dana thought a historically black college (also known as HBCU) could be a good fit. While it hasn’t been all smooth sailing, Regan has proved her mother correct and has used the community and education offered to her by Fisk University to grow as both a student and a person.

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